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Welcome home. Maybe a trite greeting, but for Cortney Bishop Design, it truly is that simple.

This design philosophy coupled with Cortney’s trained eye have enabled her to re-imagine interior spaces without bounds.

Presently, with all of our client partnerships – residential, commercial, or creative consultation – ensuring that you instantly feel welcome, at ease, and inspired in your space, is CBD’s premier focus.

CBD is deeply motivated by a broad range of design challenges and dreams; ultimately resulting in a tailor-made, functional, and unique space for every client.

Residential Portfolio

Quote about Cortney Bishop

Despite roots in Charleston, no project is too far for Cortney to dig in.

She stands by her motto, “New build or styling, residential or commercial, collected or modern... let’s talk!”

Commercial Portfolio


Architect Consultation

It all starts with a plan, and it’s CBD’s goal to get in on it early. CBD has founded strong relationships with both local and nationwide architecture firms, all in an effort to learn and truly be a part of the build. We’re here to offer an initial introduction to the right architect for your project or consult as a liaison between you and your builder.

Art Consultation

Cortney’s fervor for contemporary art extends beyond her own collection. It’s this passion that is shared with clients when selecting and installing that final layer to personalize a space. Cortney’s enthusiasm is also purposed by collaborating with local artists and galleries, as well as serving on the boards of The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art and the American College of Building Arts in Charleston.

Construction Consultation

Bring on the build. It can be scary and we know it. CBD can ease your apprehension as construction commences. Let us review the plan with contractors, keep watch on the timeline, and serve as the first point of contact as your build takes off.

Custom Furniture Design

CBD believes craftsmanship and timelessness are key to good design. If you can get those fundamentals plus originality, now that’s real good. We’ve partnered with artisans whose skill set ranges from furniture construction to sculpture, and can offer solutions to the most daunting spacial challenge or just simply build a one-of-a-kind piece.

Exterior Design

We stand by making first impressions count. And just like the interior, it starts with a mutual vision. CBD will consult to create an exterior design plan that tackles potential build additions, landscaping, door and hardware selections, finishes, lighting, or even offer the simplest, but instantly notable, facelift.

Interior Design

It’s the heart of our business – visualizing beyond your Pinterest boards, beyond the pages you rip from a magazine, beyond your collected wishlist. The combination of your vision and our perspective is Cortney Bishop Design’s purpose. And the result will be a uniquely personalized interior plan that positively elevates your home or business.

Lighting Design

You might say we are obsessed with lighting – and yes, that’s truly a fair statement. Often unintentionally overlooked, lighting is crucial to getting it all right. CBD is committed to finding the ideal warmth by first drawing a lighting scheme that makes sense and highlights the best facets of your floorplan.


Fresh eyes on your own furnishings can feel like a whole new space. By mixing touches of old favorites with shiny new treasures, rearranging existing furniture, or even bringing the outdoors in, CBD can help transform your present space without losing touch of your existing style and individual personality.

“I’m not afraid to take risks. I’ve learned that if you follow your gut, you’re usually following your gift, too, so just go with it.”

- Cortney Bishop, Charleston Home Magazine, Spring 2011

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